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Eager young teen whore Tina, attacks her ass with a massive brutal dildo

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You could never accuse 19 year old teen Tina of being shy!  Just check out this brand new video from Brutal Dildos – she is, what can only be described as ‘attacking’ her own tight anus with a 25″ purple brutal dildo!

Tina has always had a real passion for dildo sex…all that’s changed through the tears is the size of her chosen fuck toys – this is the longest and fattest dildo she’s ever masturbated with…and yes, scarily she’s decided to try it on her butthole before it even goes near her juicy cunt. Lil’ whore gets her body weight on top of the dildo and rides it rodeo style with her ass – how’s that for a unique talent, her mother would surely be proud off :)

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Christi’s FIRST Brutal dildo Experience

Christi's Brutal Experience
Christi is an adventurous young slut…and she’s armed herself with a VERY scary brutal dildo - you just know thing’s will get interesting when she’s left feeling horny as hell, with her new sexy toy…

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Alisya is addicted to fucking the biggest, most brutal dildos

How much dildo abuse can she handle!?

See Alisya fucking both her holes with the biggest dildos on earth :)

Alisya is one very special & unique girl – she has become totally addicted to fucking the biggest, most brutal fuck toys ever – she has no interest in men – there is no man who could even begin to satisfy her like her dildos always do…

Ever since she started masturbating, Alisya has used dildos – of course like most girls she started off using small normal sized dildos – when she got more adventurous & horny the size of the dildos increased gradually – now she won’t fuck anything that’s less than 30″ long!  Just by looking at her cunt and ass you can tell that this girl has either been fucking giant dildo, or King Dong! 

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Pretty teen strips from bikini and satisfies her hungry cunt with a 30″ dildo

Maybe that giant dildo will satisfy her hungry cunt :)

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This teen looks innocent enough, and in most ways she is – but when her cunt is aching to be stretched, she knows only ONE thing will satisfy her properly – a monster brutal dildo :)

In these pictures we see her home alone & wearing a skimpy bikini…just looking at her favourite oversized dildo makes her pussy juices flow…it’s amazing just how much of the dildo she manages to squeeze inside her cunt…inches of the toy just keep disappearing up her cunt – how is any man ever going to satisfy her when she’s used to dildos that size!?

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Cute 18 year old stretches her tight cunt with her favourite brutal dildos

Stretch that pussy you little slut!

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18 year old Lola sure has a pretty, innocent looking face…her cunt is kinda cute too :)

You wouldn’t really expect a teen so young & adorable looking to secretly use brutal dildos…but this little slut own SEVREAL large brutal dildos…when she’s home alone and in need of an orgasms, she doesn’t even hesitate to reach for her fuck toys.  She starts off with a long thick orange dildo – it must measure around 30″ or so…she manages to get so much of that dildo inside her cunt, without blinking an eye…makes you wonder, just how much punishment that pussy could take…

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Cute brunette satifies her hungry juicy pussy with two huge dildos

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Silvie is one cute brunette bitch :)   Seems a shame she’s home alone and feeling VERY horny – fingers or her regular dildos will NOT be enough to satisfy her today – she reaches for two brutal dildos that are as long as your arm…

Her cunt is already dripping juice before she even penetrates herself with the monster dongs…finally she’s getting the kind of stretching she is so desperate for….this slut has no need for cock – they’d always be second best to her fuck toys :)

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Horny adventurous teen Eve, discovers just how much her tight little cunt can stretch…

Fuck that huge dildo deep :)

Enter BRUTAL DILDOS to see more GIANT DILOS terrorizing the tightest teen pussies & assholes :)

19 year old Eve has developed a real passion for masturbation…so it’s no surprise that she’s discovered the pleasures oversized brutal dildos can bring :)

Her latest toy must be at least 25″ in length - it’s not the thickest dildo you’ll ever see but it’d still scare most girls Eve’s age to death…the way Eve just fearlessly pushes the dildo inside her juicy pussy has to be seen to be beloved…how can her tight little pussy cope with an object that size, so damm easily!?  Eve is son fucking the dildo hard and fat inside herself…she knows she’s gonna cum & cum hard…even she is surprised at how easily her cunt is coping with this punishment :)

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Infamous brutal dildo slut Lillith doing what she does best…

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Lillith has one hell of a reputation – or at least her cunt and ass do – no matter how big the dildo, this girl can ram it insider herself deep than should be possible…

In this video Lillith is using two dildos, the first a fat blue dong would scare even the smuttiest of sluts – but this is just foreplay to Lillith…this is the kind of dildo she uses to get her juices flowing!  The next dildo she uses is fatter still..again she handles it with ease, fucking it hard and deep without even breaking sweat…what a unique special girl she is :)

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Teen Alisya enjoys some deep brutal anal dildo sex

Teen slut fucks her ass with a huge dildo

Fuck that ass deep, bitch!

Watch teens DESTROY their assholes with the biggest dildos on earth :)

For some dildo sluts, ramming a fat monster dildo is not enough of a sexual thrill…they want to be kinky, they want to be adventurous – so they fuck their assholes with their favourite destructive dildos :)

Alisya has been using large dildos for several months – she adores the sensation of having an oversized fuck toy buried deep in her cunt – today though she’s being wayyy more adventurous & is ramming a 14″ long dildo up her ass…now that DOES feel good – what a kinky slut!

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