Teen girl Kathy satifys her hungry cunt with a 30″ dildo

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19 year old Kathy is has a VERY high sex-drive.  When her boyfriend is home she expects to get fucked for hours at a time. When she’s alone masturbation & dildo sex alone just aren’t enough to satisfy the little whore – until that is she discovered the kinky world of brutal dildos :)

In these photos, horny Kathy is relaxing on her couch with her legs open – she’s just gotten a new dildo and she’s VERY eager to try it – it’s NOT the biggest dildos she’s ever fucked but it sure is LONG – must be at least 30″ long – now the challenge for Kathy is to stuff as much of the dildo up her cunt as she possibly can…Kathy loves a dildo challenge!

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Pretty brunette Roxy, sucking and fucking a brutal dildo likes its a cock

young whore LOVES brutal dildos

You just know that 18 year old Roxy is totally in love with brutal dildo sex – she has no interest in men at all, as none of them could ever satisfy her cunt and ass like her fuck toys can…

In these brand new Brutal Dildos videos Roxy is sucking, gaging & fucking her favorite dildos like her life depends on it…she is always sin search for the ultimate orgasms and when you see how hard and fast she fucks herself with the dildos you’ll realize just how serious this bitch is about fucking brutal dildos


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Brunette teen uses TWO brutal dildos on her asshole

Filthy anal whore, Aspen

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19 year old Aspen is a self confessed, total anal slut – her whole life is spent in pursuit of the ultimate anal fuck thrill….

In these shocking photos, first she FIST fucks her woman ass….how many women do you know who fist fuck their own ass wrist deep!?  This is just foreplay for her latest brutal dildo though…she wants to find out just how deep her ass can be penetrated with her very long, thick dildo…seeing is believing :)

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Classy looking brunette stertches her pussy AND ass with two monster dildos

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Look at cute brunettes Lauryns face – she is one classy looking chick – she doesn’t look quite so classy with a 25″ dildo stuffed up her gaped asshole though!

No one would ever know that she has a secret love for brutal dildos.  In this video she fucks BOTH her holes with two different dildos – sometimes she’ll even fuck both holes together, in a kinky dildo double penetration fuck – one things that’s guaranteed when she uses her dildo sis a totally satisfying and exhilarating orgasm….AND two very sore holes!

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Adventurous teen girl Vickie, fucks a 50″ long brutal dildos!

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Horny teen girl Vickie is so desperate for an orgasm she’ll fuck just anything or anyone…..but she’s home alone, and today is the day she is going fuck a brutal dildo that would scare even the sluttiest whore…it must be more than 50″ long!

She attempts to get her pussy ready for the insane penetrating by fingering and fisting her pussy…then she slides in a moderately size fuck – it’s all foreplay of course for the ‘real deal’…how much of that insane dildo will she mange to squeeze inside her cunt!?

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Aliz & Heidy’s Brutal strapon dildo experience

Total ass destruction!

Are you brave to enough to watch the most brutal dildo hardcore in close-up hi-definition!? CLICK HERE :)

Aliz & Heidy are a pair of fearless lesbians who like their fucking on the EXTREME & BRUTAL side :)

Oversized strap-on dildos are not new to them – they’ve always enjoyed stretching each others pussies with the biggest strap on they can lay their hands on – but today their are taking things to new extremes – they decide to totally destroy each others asshole with the biggest strap on they either of them will ever be able to handle – it must measure at least 25″ long and 6″ thick, and they are about to fuck each others ASS with it!?  these bitches are fucking INSANE :)

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Amazing little whore Jayda demolishes her tight cunt with a huge brutal dildo

This little whore can handle ANY dildo :)

Get photos & HD movies of Jayda performing the most extreme dildo insertions, EVER :)

Jayda is one very special & unique blonde teen girl…she has become infamous for her love of oversized fuck toys – her cunt seems to have no limit…

Petite Jayda may only be just 18 years old, but she has learnt how cope with even the biggest most destructive dildo…the toy she using in the photos is nowhere near the biggest she’s ever fucked, but it big enough to give her experienced cunt a satisfying stretch…if she’s really horny she may even fuck her ass with it :)

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Innocent looking blonde teen shows what brutal anal dildo sex is all about

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Blonde 19 year old Cristal has a ‘girl next door’ look about her that is very deceptive…sure, she can play cute & innocent when she needs to but the REAL Cristal is totally different girl…

By her own admission Cristal has become addicted to brutal anal dildo sex…she keeps pushing her ass to breaking point…using bigger & fatter dildos ever time she wants to cum…makes you wonder just how much abuse her holes can handle…

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Blonde whore Felicia fucking three huge dildos

How many can she fuck at once!?

Get the photos & videos of Felicia’s full brutal dildo experience :)

Blonde dildo slut Felicia is no stranger to the delights & pleasures of brutal dildos – she has a huge collection of oversized dildos at home, and is always looking to make new additions to her collection!

In this latest Brutal Dildo episode Felicia has an amazing session with THREE brand new dildos - all huge, but in different ways – two are very long while the third is short but very THICK her cunt is going to be stretched and pleasured in every way imaginable!  Just for fun Felicia even tries being fucked by a dildo machine…kinky slut :)

Felicia machine fucked
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